2013/2014 Season

There_Goes_the_BrideThere Goes the Bride
by John Chapman & Ray Cooney
directed by Mike Fabian
January 10 – February 2, 2014

Timothy Westerby is overworked, underpaid, stressed-out, and his daughter is getting married in what he thinks is an overly-lavish and overly-expensive ceremony. Timothy is ripe for a nervous breakdown, and on the morning of the wedding he has one!

angel_streetAngel Street
by Patrick Hamilton
directed by Bennie Nipper
February 14 – February 9, 2014

As the curtain rises, all appears the essence of Victorian tranquility. It is soon apparent however, that Mr. Manningham, a suavely handsome man, is slowly driving his gentle, devoted wife Bella, to the brink of insanity with an insinuating kindness which masks more sinsister motives.

The_Traveling_LadyThe Traveling Lady
by Horton Foote
directed by Amber Fabian
March 21 – April 13, 2014

Our very own Texas author and Pulitzer Prize winner deserves a special place in our hearts. In a small town in Texas, Georgette Thomas and her small daughter arrive looking for her husband, who she believes has just been released from prison. She learns he has been free for some time.

Mama_Won_t_FlyMama Won’t Fly
By Jones, Hope, Wooten
directed by Bennie Nipper
April 25 – May 18, 2014

A hilarious race against the clock to get Mama to her brother’s wedding in California. Every inconceivable mishap occurs. A laugh a minute.

Don_t_Dress_For_DinnerDon’t Dress For Dinner
by Marc Camoletti
directed by Mike Fabian
May 30 – June 22, 2014

Bernard is planning a weekend with his mistress, and has arranged for a gourmet chef, and has packed his wife off to her mother’s. What could go wrong?

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