Silver Constellations

Graphic Silver Constellations

Silver Constellations is a new program designed to provide programming planned specifically for the 55+ age group and adults who have an interest in theatre but do not care to or cannot participate in night activities.  All auditions, rehearsals and performances will be held during the day.

Silver Sailors – Theater for young audiences

These performances will be produced and performed by Silver Constellations participants.     Performances will be child and family friendly shows that take place in the presence of young audiences such as day cares, preschools or other school groups and will be performed on weekdays.

Silver Stages – Performances featuring 55+ actors

These performances will also be produced and performed by Silver Constellations participants and carry themes and content which are relevant to a 55+ audience.  These performances will be presented to the general public in weekend matinees.

This is an exciting time for Bay Area Harbour Playhouse and we look forward to growing this program.  Please contact us at or telephone 281-337-7469 should you have questions or want to become a participant.

Non-Profit Community Theater in Dickinson, TX

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